Get rid of ants – Dog Food Bowl

Great-Dane-Dog.jpgI used to have 3 dogs. That might not seem like a lot, but the fact that one of my dogs was a Great Dane meant that there was a LOT of dog food that we went through every week. Of course, dogs don’t always finish all their food (rare, but it happens), and so the dog food could bring an attack of ants.

Obviously we didn’t want to use ant poison to get rid of the ants, being so close to the dog’s food. Because of this, we bought dog food bowls that helped prevent the ants from eating the dog food. These dogs bowls have a ridge at the bottom of the outside of the bowl where you could pour oil into, and the ants would drown.

Ant-Attack.jpgYou may ask why oil? Well, believe it or not, ants can swim. I know this, because I’ve seen ants swimming. You can’t really try to drown ants with water. So, there’s a nice tip for you: Drown ants using oil.

I would really like it if you could leave some other tips or ideas on prventing ants from eating your dog’s food…

3 thoughts on “Get rid of ants – Dog Food Bowl

  1. Jose

    I learn this at DIY network, use cinnamon powder around the bowl and the ants don’t get near, why? I don’t know..but it works. I think oil is better idea because the amount you use is less expensive, but if you don’t have a special bowl to use with oil… cinnamon is the best bet.

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