Herb Garden – Before and After

Ok, if you think creating, designing, planting and caring for a herb garden is hard, PLEASE take a look at the photos below. Assuming you have herbs that are suitable to your environment, you should be fine. Now, by “suitable” I mean, there’s probably a slim chance that you’ll get some Basil herbs growing in Antarctica. 😉

Here is what the herb garden looked like JUST before completion:
Herb Garden Photo

Here is what the herb garden looks like after 6 months of growth:
Herb Garden Photo

If you’re thinking of creating a herb garden like this, it’s REALLY easy, and you can check out the process I followed here:
Step 1 – Mark out your area
Step 2 – Remove the grass
Step 3 – Laying the stepping stones
Step 4 – Plant the herbs
Step 5 – Look after it

5 thoughts on “Herb Garden – Before and After

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  2. Dale Perrin

    I believe you live in the desert SW. I live in New Mexico but at a high altitude. I don’t think basil would survive my winter where it gets below zero. If I bring it indoors it should survive shouldn’t it? Thank you, Dale

  3. Deco Gecko

    Hi Dale. I don’t live in the desert (perhaps I got my rating wrong)… I have a perennial basil, and it seems REALLY sturdy. Out temperatures get to around 4 degress above 0 (Celsius) in winter, and my basil doesn’t even seem to be phased.

  4. Pam

    Looks nice. 🙂 Did you use the stepping stones for aesthetics or also to inhibit the plant from growing outside of the boundary?

  5. James Post author

    Thanks. And, the stepping stones are for a little bit of both. I wanted boundaries for each herb, almost like “a pot in the ground”, but they had to look good 🙂

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