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Plants and planting. Some ideas and guides you might find useful

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is probably the coolest little “pot plant” out there. Bright green and twirling, I think that having this on your coffee table is something that will start a conversation.

Of course, nobody’s going to say no to good luck, so Lucky Bamboo will not go wasted. Along with your Money Tree (the famous Pachira Aquatica), this could bring you health, wealth and happiness. If you win the lotto after buying one, I hope you’ll pop by and say thanks…

If you don’t, well, like I said, your Lucky Bamboo will be a really cool addition to your stylish home. It goes really well with dark wood, especially because of the way Lucky Bamboo tends to be bright green.

And, if you order it online, you will probably receive a free vase of sorts. But, look around, and see what the Lucky Bamboo could look like in your home. You don’t even need to buy it for yourself, as Lucky Bamboo would make a GREAT gift.

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Pachira Aquatica – Money Tree

UPDATE: After having had my tree (the one in the photo) for almost 10 years now, I’ve added a few items┬áto the bottom of this post. You should see them in red.

The Pachira Aquatica money tree plant is a plant/tree that will do any new homeowner proud.

Pachira Money Tree Plant

Also known as the “Pachira Aquatica“, the Money Tree is a very hardy tree that can vary in size from small Bonsai to 7 feet tall… It will grow in lots of light AND low light. Being well watered, or not very well watered (though don’t OVER water it).

Because of these features, this plant can be an indoor house plant, as well as a tree kept at the office.
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Size isn’t everything

Just because you have a small house or apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have a christmas tree… I know a lot of people would sacrifice a lot of space to have a large Christmas Tree, but this is also not necessary. The tree doesn’t have to be large. Take a look at this tree:
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Pot Plants – Indoor Plants

IndoorPotPlants.jpgAnother good idea for making a place look more lived in is to add a few pot plants. Of course, don’t go adding plants that your gran would have added (assuming you are not a gran). Some indoor pot plants that can be really nice (and, once again, cheapish) are cactii (cactuses), or similar plants.

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