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Interior Decorating and Interior Design is not as complicated as you think, and something that everybody should pay attention to.

Use your wedding photographs

Again, this is common sense.

Our wedding photographer took excellent photographs at our wedding, as I mentioned in my article where I reviewed our wedding photographer. But, we just had the photos sitting in the wedding album which we would take out and show people if they hadn’t seen it yet (and if they asked… I promise we weren’t forcing it on people 🙂 ).
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Decorating a study – Color

Here’s a quick little idea when decorating a study.

If your study is anything like mine, the colors can be a little drab. Dark wood seems to be quite the rage at the moment, and, with our cream painted walls and dark wood study desk and display cabinet/book shelves, our study is pretty much a black and white room. My tip is: Add some color with an abstract painting.
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Home Decorating Tip #7 – Create a focal point

This has been said before, and it will probably be said again, but this is the key issue when choosing how to decorate a room or other area of your house or garden. Take a look at a person’s face. Their eyes are the focal point, and your eyes will automatically be drawn to them. The same will happen when furnishing a room.

You could automatically have a focal point in the room ready, in which case you want to highlight and/or enhance the attraction of this feature. Here is a list of things that could be a focal point, or help create/improve a focal point;

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Home Decorating Tip #5 – Use good lighting effects

Chandelier_2.jpgFind what needs to be lit (is it the room, or just a painting?), and a way that enhances the atmosphere. Downlights can be quite good over a bar or pub, modern reading lamps in a study, chandeliers in the entrance, or decorative lamps with lamp shades in the lounge. Also take into account that you can create a soft effect using very warm (in color) light bulbs…

There are a number of ways light can enhance the ambience of a room:

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