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Some home care tips that I’ve found useful. Mostly learned from experience.

Organic Cleaning Products

I may sound like a Woolworths fan boy, but I’m only using their products as an example in this article because we actually use them (and love them) in our house. I try not to write about things I can’t personally vouch for.

Woolworths has a range of organic cleaning products (which it looks like they’ve named “earth friendly“) that has a couple of benefits.

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Quick Tumble Dryer Tip

Tumble dryers are great little time savers because as a general rule (in our house) whatever goes in the tumble dryer doesn’t need to be ironed if it does not get worn in public.

This means that pyjamas, underwear, sheets, blankets, socks, etc. do not need to be ironed.

Why would they need to be ironed anyway?
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Defy Dishwasher is stuck on Rinse

Do you ever find that your Defy Dishwasher doesn’t wash?

What happens is that after doing a rinse cycle, (you ARE doing a rinse cycle first, right?), I put the dishwasher dial onto the Wash Cycle option, but it just does a rinse again.

This can be REALLY irritating, and very possibly only happens to me.

But I’ve FINALLY “cracked the code” that ensures that my dishwasher washes when i want it to.

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