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Coricraft South Africa sells Coricraft furniture. And they are a useless company at it. Read my experience here and then PLEASE leave a comment of yours (like others have)

Coricraft Refund Policy Hell

Even after ALL THESE YEARS Coricraft is STILL making things EXTREMELY difficult for it’s customers.

With comments from readers who have worked for Coricraft indicating that they are setting us up for failure from the start, you really have to wonder why people still buy from them.

But, when we do, a “small” percentage of us suffer.

Here is a letter to the Coricraft CEO from a reader who is fed up with Coricraft and trying to get a refund.

Pretty interesting…

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Coricraft good service

Ok, as a final note on Coricraft (for a few months at least :-) ), I thought I would add this post. There are a LOT of visitors coming here every day looking for info on Coricraft, and some are disappointed to find that they can probably expect really bad service from them.

Can Coricraft give good service?The main problem with Coricraft is that there’s no reason to GIVE good service. They’ve received your deposit, so it’s unlikely you’ll back out, and the furniture is not sitting in the showroom, so it’s somebody else’s problem. I’m not sure if the sales staff receive commission, but I would expect that they do, so it’s in their own best interest to give good service if they will receive more custom from other shoppers because of it.

So, here’s my plan.
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Coricraft Design Quarter – OMG

Coricraft Desing Quarter - Contact details on the bottom of this trophyCoricraft Design Quarter, employers of the winner of the most prestigious idiot of the year! Harsh, I know… But read on.
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Share on Facebook – WOW

Yip. That’s right. WOW. Have you EVER seen such an amazing web page. (Should I really call it a site?)

As a quick little break from the incompetence of the staff of Coricraft, I’d just like to spend a little time discussing the amazing homepage for Coricraft, available at Let’s analyse it a little.
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Coricraft Wynberg – OH, MY, FREAK!!!

What a bunch of ABSOLUTE MORONS!!!

Coricraft Wynberg are UselessNormally, I wouldn’t put such personal feelings on the internet in such a public place. Especially since there are a lot of potential customers of Coricraft coming to this site. But, PLEASE let me explain why you should go shop somewhere else before trying Coricraft.
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Coricraft Menlyn – A different language

For those of you that don’t know, Menlyn is a MASSIVE shopping center (you could say Mall) in Pretoria. We decided to give a different city a try, because the Coricrafts in Johannesburg were just doing SUCH a bad job. So we went to the Coricraft Menlyn store and asked about the desk and unit. They checked, and found they had stock.
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Coricraft Morningside – Suckers for Punishment

Those suckers would be us. My wife and I decided to give the eager beavers a chance at a sale. I mean, if they were so eager to sell us something the first time we walked in the shop, SURELY they would be able to sell us something we wanted.

Anyway, after the bad service at Coricraft Sandton (which I wrote in this post: “Coricraft Sandton – From excellent to SHOCKING!“), we decided to ask for the desk and display unit in Coricraft Morningside.
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Coricraft Morningside – Psychotic Uselessness

Have you ever walked into a furniture store looking to see if there’s anything that will suit your house? With a lot of people moving into town-house complexes, this can also mean searching furniture stores for furniture that will just plain FIT in your house. Well, that was the one thing we did when we walked into Coricraft Morningside the first time.

We noticed a nice set of dining room chairs that we thought would look great in our as-yet unfurnished dining room. Unfortunately, I’m not always the prepared type, so I did not have the exact measurements of our dining room, so just buying 6 or 8 chairs can become quite risky if you’re buying without careful thought. Unfortunately for us, the lady in the store was quite eager to make a sale. Why UNFORTUNATELY?! Well, the conversation went a little like this:
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Coricraft Sandton – From excellent to SHOCKING!

Just before I got married, my (now) wife and I ordered 2 leather couches from Coricraft Sandton. I must say, service was excellent. The staff phoned when the furniture was ready, and they delivered it fine, with no damage, and as on time as you can possibly get in South Africa.

Six months later, and we spotted a matching display unit and desk on the floor in the shop. In my personal opinion, they are a stylish combination, and I am proud that we eventually bought them. Even though it took 8 months to eventually receive. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.
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Coricraft warningCoricraft is a furniture manufacturing and distribution company in South Africa that is VERY badly run. They have SHOCKING customer service, uninformed staff, and no POSSIBLE urge to improve themselves. In my next few posts, I’m going to outline my views and experiences with Coricraft in the hope that somebody out there will benefit from my story…

Coricraft may be reasonably priced
Coricraft may have decent looking furniture
But Coricraft should give you MEDICINE when you order something from them, because Coricraft WILL NOT give you ANY customer satisfaction!!!

I have tried 4 different stores in the hope that I will be treated well, and the items I’ve ordered will arrive on time and in good condition at least once, but no, 5 out of 4 times they have proved their incompetence. Why 5 out of 4? The Coricraft warehouse in Wynberg, Johannesburg is the lame arm of a sick company.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to this story, so feel free to read our travels through the dark land of Coricraft South Africa:

- Coricraft Sandton – From excellent to SHOCKING!
- Coricraft Morningside – Psychotic Uselessness
- Coricraft Morningside – Suckers for Punishment
- Coricraft Menlyn – A different language
- Coricraft Wynberg – OH, MY, FREAK!!!
- – WOW
- Coricraft Design Quarter – OMG
- Coricraft good service
- Coricraft Refund Policy Hell

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